Die Casting, Sand Casting, China Metal Casting Manufacturing Expert

We are professional supplier of die casting in China, with offer you the most efficient way to source low cost casting products and parts from China. We manage the total process from quotation, to manufacturing, to quality checking, to shipping.

At our company, we have installed process management for all key operations for consistency, traceability, speed, accuracy and control.  We provide weekly trainings (case studies) to all our purchasing staff to reinforce quality mentality and share experiences.  These efforts ultimately benefit our customers with better product quality and service.

Our Resources:
1. Twenty sourcing experts and twelve engineers in China. We have mature quality assurance processes, a dedicated QC team, in-house bilingual engineering capabilities.
2. Mature supply base in China: network of several hundred reputable and trusted factories that we have worked with or visited.
3. We are ISO 9001 certified, and own a 30,000 sq. feet facility in Shanghai for quality testing, assembly, packaging and warehousing.

Our Quality Guarantee Policy:
1. We take full responsibility for product quality.
2. First of all, we will do everything we can to only ship quality products to customers.
3. If a quality issues is identified, we with either replace them or fully refund the customer.

Business Scope: Metal Casting - Lost Wax Casting in China, Die Casting in China, Stainless Steel Casting in China, Iron Casting in China, Casting and Machining in China, Low Pressure Casting in China.