Vacuum Casting, China Vacuum Casting Manufacturer

Vacuum Casting uses a plastic film to cover sand surface and use vacuum to shape sand. It produces casting parts with better surface and dimensional accuracy. It is a greener method than traditional casting.

Our factory in Jiangsu China can cast steel or s.g. iron, from weight 10Kg to 3000kg. Please see the pictures below for samples of products.

Balance Weight for folk lift

Cast Steel Bolster
Cast Steel Gear Box

Cast Steel Universal Joints

Production Line for vacuum foaming:

Vaccum Casting Process Flow:
(1) Mold 
(2) Heat up film
(3) Film covering and shaping
(4) Sand box
(5) Shaking and firming
(6) Close mold and pump vacuum
(7) Open mold and film is now on surface of sand
(8) Close Mold and Casting
(9) Open mold and clean off sand

Business Scope: Metal Casting - Lost Wax Casting in China, Die Casting in China, Stainless Steel Casting in China, Iron Casting in China, Casting and Machining in China, Low Pressure Casting in China.