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The low pressure casting is one of permanent mold process too. The mold is made from iron, steel,, reign sand or shell. The mold is installed on a sealed furnace containing molten metal. Its pouring system is special. The riser tube connects the bottom of the mold to the molten metal bath. The chamber containing the molten metal is pressured (typically 20-100kPa), and the metal is forced up into the mold. Once the casting has solidified, the pressure is released and the molten metal falls back into the bath, and the casting ejected in preparation for the next cycle. The pressure can be controlled and adjusted against the structure, weight and material of the casting.

The low pressure casting is a multi-phase injection system for exact regulation of the casting process. In the low pressure casting procedure, the liquid metal is moved into the mold through a riser pipe using an applied gas pressure. The filling is performed with a laminar form obtaining a high density and excellent mechanical properties. The low pressure casting procedure is very suitable for the production of high quality aluminum wheels sold to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market and for the automotive aftermarket.

It is the best choice to resolve shrink, the thickness can meet 2mm to 3.5mm. Densification of casting is improved; Pouring system is easy; metal utilization rate up to 80%; working conditions are improved; mechanization and automated, high production efficiency.

The advantages of low-pressure casting are a good filling-ability for thin-walled and large area parts and a close structure for pressurized parts. By maintaining several casting parameters a very high constant quality in the serial production and process safety will be realized. The overpressure during the casting procedure and the following adjustable holding time acts in opposition to the mould shrinkage by cooling down.

1. Material: Aluminium A380, A356, zinc
2. Process: Low pressure die casting
3. Application: Automotive, marine, electrical apparatus
4. Weight: 200g-2000g
5. Surface finishing: Anti-oxidation treatment, coating, shot blasting
6. Capacity: 50000t annually, in-house machining, X-ray inspection
7. Standard: ASTM, DIN, JIS, ISO

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