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Caster green sand casting foundry in China uses green sand casting to more advanced binding processes to manufacture a wide variety of products for many different industries. These green sand casting parts are high quality and very cost effective. Green sand casting still remains one of the more popular methods for producing inexpensive, ductile iron repeatable castings with significant cast-in features. Because green sand casting or ductile gray iron casting process typically requires a large amount of labor, we are able to utilize our low cost structures in China, and provide a low cost final product, lower than almost any other green sand casting manufacturer. We are also able to offer finished machining and other secondary operations for your gray iron casting products in China for little additional cost.

Green sand molds are composed of a particulate or granular material, typically sand, which is held together with a binder such as a mixture of clay and water. These molds may be manufactured rapidly for simple molds in an automated mold making plant. Its currently the most widely used of all sand casting methods, Green sand refers to the fact that water is added to activate the clay binder.

The green sand moulding process requires sand, clay and water to be mixed together to form a mould material that can be compacted around a pattern to produce a mould. Water develops the bonding characteristics of the clay, which binds the sand together, when used in its moist condition it is referred to as green. The green sand process can be used to produce castings in both iron ,aluminium as well as copper based metals. The process allows 90% to 95% reclamation of material and so provides a low cost form of production.
Various high quality castings are made of gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, steel, brass etc. Quality control checks are performed throughout the casting process form screening the raw material for stability the concentration of alloy and melted by the electric furnace.

The sand-mold casting is adaptable to a very wide range of alloys, shapes, sizes, and production quantities. Hollow shapes can be produced in these castings through the use of cores. Sand-mold casting is by far the most common casting process used in industry;

Option for Green Sand Casting:
Green sand-mold casting involves mixing sand with a suitable clay binder (usually a bentonite clay) and other additives, and packing the sand mixture tightly around a pattern that is constructed from the part design. After extracting the pattern from the sand mold, a cavity is left behind that corresponds to the shape of the pattern. Next, molten metal is poured into this cavity and solidifies into a cast replica of the desired part. After the casting cools, the sand is readily removed from the casting and may be reclaimed for further use.

The green sand casting process provides a quality affordable solution for repeatable metal products with cast-in details and features. Please be sure to contact Cypress Industries for your die casting, green sand casting, closed die forgings, turnings and powdered metal low-cost manufacturing needs in China as well.

Our warehouse and logistics centers in Shenzhen, China (just inside the border from Hong Kong) and Austin, Texas can make sure all of your green sand casting delivery needs are met. From our China location we are able to ship to any locations in the world.

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