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The ductile iron casting has a clear advantage over malleable iron for applications where low solidification shrinkage is needed or where the section is too thick to permit uniform solidification as white iron.
Ductile iron, also known as ductile cast iron, nodular cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron, spherulitic graphite cast iron and SG iron.
While most varieties of cast iron are brittle, ductile iron is much more flexible and elastic, due to its nodular graphite inclusions.
Ductile iron is specifically useful in many automotive components, where strength needs surpass that of aluminum but do not necessarily require steel. Other major industrial applications include off-highway diesel trucks, class 8 trucks, agricultural tractors, and oil well pumps.

To help realise the benefits of Caster in your manufacture, we would be pleased to explore any design opportunities with you. We can advise on all aspects of engineering with Caster including: alloy selection, foundry practice, dimensional stability and machining. We can discuss potential applications and perform material and cost analyses to help you justify selection of Caster for your products. We also invite you to visit our operations where we can demonstrate the process and our ISO9001:2000 credentials.

Laboratory & Testing facilities:
Spectrometer : ARL (Swiss) make with ARL net facility. 29 elements analysing capacity
Image analyser : With camera attached to the microscope.
UTM : 40 Tons capacity Fine make Universal Testing Machine for Tensile strength, Yield strength and Elongation.
Hardness tester : 3000 KGs Blue Start make Brinell Hardness Testing machine.
Sand testing : All the necessary sand testing equipments.
Wet lab : Full fledged wet lab for chemical analysis.

Quality Control:
We are maintaining the following documentation systems to assure quality.
Metal Chemistry Register
Mechanical testing Log Book
Dimensional inspection Log Book

Test Certificates:
We are conducting & providing the following certificates to the customer for every batch supply. Chemical test certificate
Physical / Mechanical test certificate.

The Quality Team supervises the Q.A / Q.C aspects along the entire process system by identifying and associating with Quality Circles. We ensure 100% tractability for the produce.

Occupational Health & Safety:
We, as an organization committed to Occupational Health & Safety of the workers and shop floor staff ensure strict adherence to body protective wears and covers for moving parts. The workers are constantly educated upon the importance of health & safety through displays and safety tips.

Contact Caster Treatments today to find out more about our comprehensive Austempered Ductile Iron services including ductile iron casting, bright annealing, salt quenching and gray iron casting.

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